No one really cared

When there is no love left to be found in your heart,

where do you go?

When there is hurt pandering to the whims of all that is said and done,

where do you go?

When all you ever wanted is forever undone,

where do you go?

To march on is beyond you,

to hold your head high a feat of too high a magnitude.

Where do you go?

You hide in your little burrow,

you shrivel up and wish you could die.

You shed the old skin,

wear your new one and hide.

Hide from the pain,

hide from the spectators

who knew you from a different life.

You let the wounds heal,

let the bruises fade.

The spectators have forgotten you,

they had a new joker performing you see.

You sneak a peek.

Not one head turns your way.

Your new skin made you barely recognizable anyway.

You run. You run with the wind.

And you laugh.

All that misery, all that shame.

All that pain and regret

And no one really cared

No one really cared