I ordered a Camera on flipkart a few days ago. It was delivered today. Hope to start taking some pics now. I used to love taking pictures as a kid. Didn’t get the chance to develop it as a hobby because firstly, back then we didn’t have digital cameras and photography would have been an expensive hobby – buying film and getting it developed, etc and secondly, mom didn’t think it was a good idea.

Mom wanted me to learn all the traditional things a girl is supposed to learn – singing, dancing, etc. I hated both. I used to hate the sound of my own voice. I thought I sounded more like a boy than a girl so I used to consciously make my voice softer than it was, in order to sound more feminine. Only, of course I really didn’t sound like a boy so my softening it made my already girly voice sound even more immature. LOL… When I think back to the poor, tormented kid I was – I mean hating the sound of your own voice, can you imagine? I just want to go back to the 7-8 year old kid I was and give her a big, huge hug and tell her to JUST LOVE HERSELF!! And, there is nothing wrong with having a deep voice. Some of the best female singers out there have deep voices.

As for dancing, I don’t have the hand-leg coordination for it. I can’t even walk in a straight line when I am sober. I lose balance when I am walking in flats!! I am not sure if it is because I am walking all wrong or maybe there is something wrong with the center of gravity of my body, but I tend to walk at an angle. Give me a straight line to walk on and I will inevitably walk away from that line at 20-30 degrees…. I am a strange phenomenon indeed. (Or does this happen to everyone else too?? Hmm… I don’t know)

I did want to learn a musical instrument or painting or photography – none of which my mom thought were appropriate for me. She kept saying that I should learn to sing because – All girls should know how to sing – you know whenever there is a function in the house, the girl is expected to sing an aarthi ….. And yes, right now I am facing the consequences of never having learned singing. Family functions come – people say we need an aarthi and I am left standing there holding the Aarthi plate and standing dumb or mumbling along/pretending to sing. I wish I was strong enough to say “No, I don’t want to sing a bloody Aarthi. I am perfectly fine, thank you very much”. But, no… they are family functions, happy occasions. Saying something like that would be a major mood killer. So, I stand there, feeling all awkward and stupid and wishing I hadn’t hated my voice and learned singing like my mom wanted me to.

Anyway, the one thing I love more than anything else in this World – reading books and writing. 🙂 I get to do that every day!! Even when I am not writing, I have a running commentary of things I want to write about. I actually write the thing down in my head and of course by the time I come home, I would have completely forgotten the whole thing. But, believe me, I have written some masterpieces in my head 😉