You can get vertigo from the simplest, most innocuous looking people.

You look deep in to their eyes and you can find yourself spinning out of control into a World that isn’t yours anymore.

Miss Alice in Wonderland without the magic mirror, you are in a World where up is down and right is wrong and you no longer know where you are or what you are doing nor do you know if it matters or if you should stop.

Vertigo – where your mind tricks you into thinking the World is spinning. Or does it? The World, after all, really does spin, does it not?

You are walking along, going on with your life. Your life one long beautiful day – the sun shining, the lightest of warmth kissing your skin and the lightest of light breeze caressing you, carrying the blissful smell of spring; the touch of fresh grass, some nameless, but surely beautiful, flower, along with an ounce of a trickling brook.

And you turn a corner and look into those eyes and in that infinitesimal moment, vertigo!

Does it make your life better or worse? This miniscule, supposedly insignificant moment?

Does this Vertigo take you to heights you never dreamed of? Does it plunge you into the depths of despair?

That is never known. Only one thing is for sure. Your life, as you know it, will never be the same again!



A vacation is long over due. It has been years since I went on a vacation anywhere and the events of the past few months have definitely earned me a vacation.