Sitting in Office during the Lunch break, I happened to overhear 3 women chatting. All 3 are married (got to know by the convenient toe rings 2 of them wore to announce their married state). Third one, I came to know because – the topic of discussion was why she didn’t wear toe rings. LOL.

She had none of the “symbols” of marriage. No toe rings, no mangalsutra, no sindhoor.

If she had only managed to do so with pride.

She was so sincerely trying to explain to her friends that in their caste, they didn’t have to wear the Mangalsutra or Sindhoor and she had toe rings, but they hurt her feet when she wore shoes…. so she preferred not to wear them.

Then, her dear friends asked “Doesn’t your MIL say anything?”

“No, yaar.. Unke ghar me itna nahi follow karte”

Aaah…. They nodded approvingly. That is of Paramount importance, you see. As long as the MIL approves, she can do whatever she wants. /Sarcasm

And of course, she was just waiting for their approval to not wear her toe rings too /:)


Your thoughts?

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